Target's First Solar Powered Store

Target's First Solar Powered Store

Target’s tagline “Expect more. Pay Less.” has taken on an entirely new meaning with one of its location’s newest changes – a Target in California has succeeded at becoming fully solar. 🎉 Target just unveiled its first net-zero energy store: it is located in Vista, California with 1800 carport solar panels and 1,620 rooftop panels. They also installed more than 1300 LED lights, which will cut about 10% of Target’s total energy bill. At Wildgrid we are very excited to see this type of implement
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How Does The Federal Solar Tax Credit Work?

The short answer: The Federal Solar ITC (Investment Tax Credit) provides a 26% tax credit for solar systems installed in 2020-2022. The long answer: Here are 5 important things to know about the Federal Solar ITC. 1: It's a tax credit, not a check. * Let's say your rooftop solar cost is $40,000. Then let's do the math: 26% of $40,000 = $10,400. * This means you can reduce your federal income taxes that are due by $10,400. * You will sadly not receive a big 'ol check from the government
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Why Was I Rejected From A Community Solar Farm?

It's nothing personal, we promise! You were excited to go solar, matched with a community solar farm... and then, were rejected. Why couldn't you sign up? Here are a few reasons why this may have happened: 1. The solar farm filled up too quickly! Someone else beat you to the last open spot. 2. Your electricity usage was higher than the amount of space they had left on the farm. Don't worry, we've got more matches for ya. Log back into Wildgrid and subscribe to another available farm. H
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How Does Wildgrid Match Me To A Solar Provider?

The short answer: Based on your profile, we look at your situation & solar needs and compare them to the vetted providers in our database. Then voila! You have matches. The long answer: We look at a variety of factors before we match you with a solar plan or provider. Here are 4 things we factor in: 1: Do you rent or own your home? If you own your home, we will include rooftop solar providers in your matches. * If you rent your home or apartment, instead of recommending rooftop solar,
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How Can Apartment Renters Go Solar?

Renting an apartment can make solar feel out of reach, but what if we told you solar for renters was possible - with or without a renewable-friendly landlord? (Really!) Let's talk about the ways that apartment renters can go solar. Option #1: Convince your landlord Sure, it may seem like an impossible task, but apartment renters can go (and have gone!) solar by convincing their landlords to adopt solar! As we explained in our How to go solar, 5 ways post, both residential and commercial sola
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What's The Science Behind Solar Panels?

The short answer: Solar panels are made up of silicon solar cells that create electricity when sunlight hits them. The long answer: Here are 5 things to know about how solar panels work. 1: Solar cells are made of silicon * Solar cells are those blue or black squares you see inside a solar panel. * The same material that computer chips are made of (think "Silicon Valley") * Silicon, not silicone :) 2: There are 2 main types of solar cells * Polycrystalline: This means the solar cel
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How Does Solar Battery Storage Work?

Imagine: you’ve installed solar. You’ve had a run of gorgeous, sunny days outside and everything’s been working perfectly. Suddenly, a week of stormy, cloudy spring days rolls through. There’s not enough sun to power your solar array. Enter: solar battery storage. The short and sweet version of this story is that solar batteries store the excess power generated from extra-sunny days to be used during those not-so-sunny days. Want to know more? Let’s dig in. What’s a solar battery? Solar ba
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How Do I Get Solar Quotes Without Spam?

We here at Wildgrid are firmly anti-spam and realize the process of getting solar quotes needs a major overhaul. The solar process is stale - let's freshen it up together!
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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

So you’ve decided to go solar - great! The obvious question is how much do home solar panels cost? The unfulfilling but totally true answer is: it depends. How much home solar panels cost depends on many factors, like your state's solar incentives, your electricity usage, solar components, loan or lease length, etc. Luckily there are options for different budgets. Even better news: you don't need an extra $20,000 lying around to go solar. Getting started The first step in answering how much
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How Does Rooftop Solar work?

The short answer: Solar panels get installed on your roof (or ground mounted in your yard). They generate clean energy & your electricity bill goes bye bye!‍ The long answer: Here are 6 things to know about rooftop solar. 1: There are several payment options. * There are typically 4 ways you can pay for solar panels: pay in cash, get a loan, get a lease, or sign a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). * We wrote a whole post breaking these down for you here. 2: You qualify for a federal tax
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Are Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) A Scam?

The short answer: No, Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) like Green Mountain Energy are not scams. Yes, they are those people at farmer's markets. The way ESCOs work is confusing! So it's easy to misunderstand what they are actually doing. The long answer: An ESCO is basically the middle person between your utility company and a renewable energy source. They buy and sell "RECs" or Renewable Energy Certificates. What the heck is an REC? An REC is produced when a renewable energy source (like a
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How did Wildgrid start?

Wildgrid was created by Krystal Persaud and Parinda Darden. Their story started in 2020 when Parinda bought her first home. After years of living in apartments, she was excited to finally get solar panels. She did a little research online, but moments later was bombarded with spam calls and emails from solar companies she had never even heard of! Ack! Parinda needed help so she called Krystal, an old friend and former roommate. Krystal was the only solar expert she knew she could trust. In 2019
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