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How Solar Pergolas Can Level Up Your Sustainable Home & Garden - Wildgrid Home

How Solar Pergolas Can Level Up Your Sustainable Home & Garden

Solar pergolas: the outdoor design feature offering the ideal mix of energy savings and beautiful design. Not only are they a gorgeous design element, as they become increasingly popular for homeowners looking for solar options, they’re also becoming more affordable.
By Polly Barks ·
What is an ESCO and how does it work? - Wildgrid Home

What is an ESCO and how does it work?

Maybe you’ve heard of Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) or ESCO scams. Maybe you’ve even been approached by one! Here’s what you need to know.
By Dora Nguyen ·
Yes, you can heat your house with electricity - Wildgrid Home

I Want to Heat My Home With Electricity. Where Do I Start?

Want to heat your house with electricity, but don't know where to start? We can help! Spoiler Alert: we think you'll like a heat pump ;)
By Ida Funke ·
The IRA Bill and Renewable Energy - Wildgrid Home

The IRA Bill 🤝 Renewable Energy

Early this year, the moment we’ve all been waiting for finally arrived. The $370 billion dollar Inflation Bill was signed into law by President Biden after months of hard work. So, we thought we’d do a brief overview of the Inflation Reduction Act - also known as the most significant climate bill in US History. This piece of legislation is proposed to reduce US emissions 40% below 2055 levels by the end of 2030. Initially, the bill was set to be much more radical in its climate legislation,
By Emma Jane Geisler ·
1 Terawatt Solar Milestone

1 Terawatt Solar Milestone

Did humans just achieve a solar milestone? Humans have officially installed enough solar panels to generate 1 terawatt of electricity. 🤯 Now, you might be wondering, “tera-what?” Dad jokes aside, a terawatt is one trillion watts, and the term is often used to describe reaaally big amounts of energy. For example, the entire energy consumption of all humans is roughly 17.7 terawatts. According to predictions, dozens of terawatts of solar capacity will be needed to decarbonize the earth’s elec
By Wildgrid Team ·
Sheep and Solar Panels: A Love Story

Sheep and Solar Panels: A Love Story

How could sheep and solar panels be related? Well they are, and in more ways than you’d think! There has been exciting development for the relationship between agriculture and solar energy. In recent years, farmers have begun leasing their land to solar developers, finding their relationships to be very beneficial. The livestock, such as goats and sheep, keep the weeds low for the solar panels. The panels provide shade and help keep the soil beneath them from drying out. Two farmers from NSW
By Emma Jane Geisler ·

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