How Does Wildgrid Match Me To A Solar Provider?

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The short answer:

Based on your profile, we look at your situation & solar needs and compare them to the vetted providers in our database. Then voila! You have matches.

The long answer:

We look at a variety of factors before we match you with a solar plan or provider.

Here are 4 things we factor in:

1: Do you rent or own your home?

If you own your home, we will include rooftop solar providers in your matches.

  • If you rent your home or apartment, instead of recommending rooftop solar, we'll match you with community solar or ESCO plans. You can still go solar even though you rent!

2: Are you looking to go solar on your home or business?

  • The process of going solar on a home (also referred to as 'residential' solar) vs. a business ('commercial' solar) is slightly different.
  • Some providers specialize in commercial development, while others focus more on residential. Some do both!

3: Got any special solar design requests?

  • You can arrange solar panels in all different shapes & sizes!
  • Instead of rooftop solar, you may want a solar canopy or pergola that you can have parties under.
  • Certain providers specialize in these custom installations, so we will match you with those if that's what your heart desires.

4: What area do you live in?

  • We only match you with local solar providers. We do not work with large solar chains (Sunrun, Tesla, Momentum, etc).
  • Why? Because small, local solar providers have the best customer service & attention to detail.
  • If something happens to go wrong, you can easily get in touch with someone and get a local team out to check out your panels.
  • When it comes to community solar & ESCOs, the same principles apply!

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