What is an ESCO and how does it work? - Wildgrid Home

What is an ESCO and how does it work?

Maybe you’ve heard of Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) or ESCO scams. Maybe you’ve even been approached by one! Here’s what you need to know.
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The IRA Bill and Renewable Energy - Wildgrid Home

The IRA Bill 🤝 Renewable Energy

Early this year, the moment we’ve all been waiting for finally arrived. The $370 billion dollar Inflation Bill was signed into law by President Biden after months of hard work. So, we thought we’d do a brief overview of the Inflation Reduction Act - also known as the most significant climate bill in US History. This piece of legislation is proposed to reduce US emissions 40% below 2055 levels by the end of 2030. Initially, the bill was set to be much more radical in its climate legislation,
By Emma Jane Geisler ·
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How Does The Federal Solar Tax Credit Work?

The short answer: The Federal Solar ITC (Investment Tax Credit) provides a 30% tax credit for solar systems installed through 2032. The long answer: Here are 5 important things to know about the Federal Solar ITC. 1: It's a tax credit, not a check. * Let's say your rooftop solar cost is $40,000. Then let's do the math: 30% of $40,000 = $12,000. * This means you can reduce your federal income taxes that are due by $12,000. * You will sadly not receive a big 'ol check from the government
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How Does Wildgrid Match Me To A Solar Provider?

The short answer: Based on your profile, we look at your situation & solar needs and compare them to the vetted providers in our database. Then voila! You have matches. The long answer: We look at a variety of factors before we match you with a solar plan or provider. Here are 4 things we factor in: 1: Do you rent or own your home? If you own your home, we will include rooftop solar providers in your matches. * If you rent your home or apartment, instead of recommending rooftop solar,
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How Can Apartment Renters Go Solar?

Renting an apartment can make solar feel out of reach, but what if we told you solar for renters was possible - with or without a renewable-friendly landlord? (Really!) Let's talk about the ways that apartment renters can go solar. Option #1: Convince your landlord Sure, it may seem like an impossible task, but apartment renters can go (and have gone!) solar by convincing their landlords to adopt solar! As we explained in our How to go solar, 5 ways post, both residential and commercial sola
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What's The Science Behind Solar Panels?

The short answer: Solar panels are made up of silicon solar cells that create electricity when sunlight hits them. The long answer: Here are 5 things to know about how solar panels work. 1: Solar cells are made of silicon * Solar cells are those blue or black squares you see inside a solar panel. * The same material that computer chips are made of (think "Silicon Valley") * Silicon, not silicone :) 2: There are 2 main types of solar cells * Polycrystalline: This means the solar cel
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