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Early this year, the moment we’ve all been waiting for finally arrived. The $370 billion dollar Inflation Bill was signed into law by President Biden after months of hard work.

So, we thought we’d do a brief overview of the Inflation Reduction Act - also known as the most significant climate bill in US History.

This piece of legislation is proposed to reduce US emissions 40% below 2055 levels by the end of 2030.

Initially, the bill was set to be much more radical in its climate legislation, but was amended to appease conservative democrats to get the bill passed 😪

This means that the bill is significantly lacking BUT it’s important to recognize that this law will create immense changes for the trajectory of climate action. It incentivizes the transition away from fossil fuels, which will support the solar industry and allow for more communities to make the switch to renewable energy.

While the bill isn’t nearly all encompassing and has some major downfalls, it’s definitely still a piece of good news that we should be celebrating.

Check the blog for more, and talk soon!


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