How to Solarpunkify Your Home

Combat your climate anxiety with eco home swaps and radical optimism. Here are some ideas inspired by the solarpunk movement: home edition.
How to Solarpunkify Your Home - Wildgrid Home

We get it: thinking about climate change and its solutions can be super overwhelming.

So why not combat your climate anxiety with some practical sustainable swaps and a little radical optimism? Here are some ideas inspired by the pillars of the solarpunk movement: home edition.

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Thrift your furniture! 🛋️

How to Solarpunkify Your Home - Wildgrid Home

Solarpunks, in true punk fashion, are totally anti-capitalist and anti-consumerism.

And just like there is a fast fashion industry, there is a fast furniture industry (did someone say IKEA?…). The market is flooded with cheap but chic furniture choices that will look cute while they last, but won’t last long.

And once these Shein-tier side tables and Boohoo-grade beds fall apart, where do they go? Straight to the landfill, where they take forever to decompose, if they ever do.

So, if you are gearing up to furnish your new house or apartment, or are just looking to spice up your space with some cool new pieces, hit the thrift store first!

There are plenty of reasons to thrift your furniture and home decor that have nothing to do with saving the planet. It can help you:

💰 Save money

💪 Find sturdy pieces that you know will last (because they already have!)

❄️ Create a home that is uniquely yours

Just remember the cardinal rules of thrifting: be patient, be open-minded, and have fun!

Reconnect with nature! 🪴

How to Solarpunkify Your Home - Wildgrid Home

One of the central visions of the solarpunk movement is humans relearning how to be in harmony with nature. You can take the first step toward making that vision a reality by becoming a plant parent!

Intimidated by the prospect of having to keep a plant alive? Start small: maybe get a succulent that doesn’t need much upkeep, or a peace lily that will let you know exactly when it needs water by drooping very dramatically.

Alternatively, you can get something like basil — basil is hardy and fast-growing, and the satisfaction of making delicious fresh pesto will likely provide you with all of the motivation you need to keep it happy.

If you are feeling more ambitious, you can take a stab at DIYing a vertical herb garden, creating a pollinators paradise on your balcony, or rewilding your yard. Regardless of the space and time you have, you can find a way to bring a little nature into your home.

And while you care for your plants, they will care for you! House plants have been shown to reduce stress, enhance focus, and improve overall health and wellness.

For those readers who really don’t want plants or have way too many plants already, you can reconnect with nature by:

🌵 Exploring your native flora and fauna

📖 Learning more about indigenous knowledge

🥾 Just getting outside!

Go solar! 🌞

How to Solarpunkify Your Home - Wildgrid Home

This is the biggie folks — seeing as burning fossil fuels is the number one cause of climate change, solarpunks are pretty darn adamant that renewables are the future.

If you own your home, consider getting a quote to see if installing rooftop solar would make sense for you. If you are renting or else don’t think personal solar panels are the way to go, see if there are any community solar farms in your area that you could subscribe to.

While you’re at it, you might want to look into replacing your gas range with an all-electric induction stove, or trading in your natural gas furnace for an energy efficient electric heat pump, or upgrading from a gas-guzzler to an electric car.

Why not just completely eliminate fossil fuels from your life and home??

Sigh… if only.

It goes without saying, these things are all major investments, and probably won’t happen overnight or all at once. But, rebates made available to homeowners through 2022’s Inflation Reduction Act can make the upfront costs much more manageable, and all of these sustainable home improvements will save you money in the long run.

If you’re interested, Wildgrid can help you figure out if solar panels or any other eco-home upgrades are right for you. Our free planning tool makes it easy to learn the ins-and-outs of these projects, figure out which rebates you might qualify for, plan a budget, and connect with reliable local contractors.

For more complex questions, you can send us an email!

Now get to solarpunking it!

How to Solarpunkify Your Home - Wildgrid Home

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