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Why Was I Rejected From A Community Solar Farm?

It's nothing personal, we promise! You were excited to go solar, matched with a community solar farm... and then, were rejected. Why couldn't you sign up? Here are a few reasons why this may have happened: 1. The solar farm filled up too quickly! Someone else beat you to the last open spot. 2. Your electricity usage was higher than the amount of space they had left on the farm. Don't worry, we've got more matches for ya. Log back into Wildgrid and subscribe to another available farm. H
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How Does Wildgrid Match Me To A Solar Provider?

The short answer: Based on your profile, we look at your situation & solar needs and compare them to the vetted providers in our database. Then voila! You have matches. The long answer: We look at a variety of factors before we match you with a solar plan or provider. Here are 4 things we factor in: 1: Do you rent or own your home? If you own your home, we will include rooftop solar providers in your matches. * If you rent your home or apartment, instead of recommending rooftop solar,
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How Do I Get Solar Quotes Without Spam?

We here at Wildgrid are firmly anti-spam and realize the process of getting solar quotes needs a major overhaul. The solar process is stale - let's freshen it up together!
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Krystal Persaud and Parinda Darden

How did Wildgrid start?

Wildgrid was created by Krystal Persaud and Parinda Darden. Their story started in 2020 when Parinda bought her first home. After years of living in apartments, she was excited to finally get solar panels. She did a little research online, but moments later was bombarded with spam calls and emails from solar companies she had never even heard of! Ack! Parinda needed help so she called Krystal, an old friend and former roommate. Krystal was the only solar expert she knew she could trust. In 2019
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