Why Window Insulation is Key: Winning the Battle Against Your Home Thermostat

Poorly insulated windows can drastically change your home’s temperature and wreak havoc on your utility bill and HVAC system.
Why Window Insulation is Key: Winning the Battle Against Your Home Thermostat

Have you ever found yourself battling the thermostat, never feeling comfortable no matter how much you increase or decrease the temperature? 🤺 If you feel like you're always walking around in a blanket during the winter or sweating inside during the summer… you may want to think about how windows affect insulation.

Windows play a crucial role in regulating the temperature and comfort level of your home. In the winter, drafty windows can let heat escape, forcing you to turn up the heat and resulting in unnecessarily high energy bills. On the other hand, windows that don't properly block out the sun's rays can turn your home into a sauna, leading to discomfort and higher cooling costs. 🪟

These inefficiencies cause your HVAC system to work way harder than it needs to, putting strain on your equipment and your wallet.

How does window insulation work?

If you didn't already know, windows and doors can be responsible for one-third of your home's heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.  If you're finding this to be the case, there are a couple of reasons why.

Your home may have single-pane windows or cracks along the window frame from older or improperly installed windows, leading to air (and spider🕷️👀) infiltration.

To ensure the optimal temperature and comfort level in your home, it's important to make sure you’ve insulated your windows and that they’re in good condition. Heat will always try to move to cooler place and it easily can if you have cracks or thin windows. Insulating your windows will prevent cold air from entering when you’re trying to keep your home warm during the winter and it will also keep your house cool during the hot summer months.

You’ve got a few options for insulating your windows, some of them don’t cost too much, but others can be a little pricey.

Don’t worry — this battle can be won by sealing any gaps or cracks, installing double-paned windows, and using window coverings such as blinds or curtains to block out unwanted sunlight.

So..what can you use to insulate your windows?

Thermal pane windows 🪟

The more expensive and permanent option would be replacing your windows with thermal pane, energy efficient windows. When it comes to thermal pane, you’ll find a few options:

  • Double pane windows
  • Triple pane windows
  • Air-filled windows
  • Argon-filled windows
  • Krypton-filled windows
  • Low-e coating window

On average, the price is around $600 per window, they range from $200-$1,200 depending on brand, material, and glass. Although this can be pricey, it’s necessary if a window is broken or if you generally just want an upgrade.

Psst. We can help bring that price down!

These awesome thermal pane windows have double or triple panes filled with air or non-toxic insulating gas, this combination provides the ultimate protection against heat transfer and energy loss.

Don’t worry If thermal windows are out of your budget, there are other ways to save on your utility bill and maximize home comfort without breaking the bank.

Seal cracks and gaps 🦭

If you notice air escaping through cracks and gaps around a window frame, you can apply caulk or install weather stripping to seal them and eliminate any drafts. Sealed windows are energy efficient windows!

You can also try window inserts, these fit over existing interior windows and are held tightly in place using compression tubing. It doesn’t damage the window or the frame and are virtually unnoticeable.

Thermal curtains 🏠

A design-friendly option is to put up thermal curtains. These coverings have a special thermal lining that holds in warm air during the winter and blocks out heat during the summer.

Bubble wrap 🫧

Yes…you read that right. Although it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing solution, insulating your windows with bubble wrap is a cheap and effective DIY option.

To do this, start by using a wrap with large bubbles and cut it to a size that will cover the window and seams. Then, spray your window with water and apply the bubble wrap. Tape it in place and voila - quick window insulation! For even more insulation, double up the layers of bubble wrap.

Why Window Insulation is Key: Winning the Battle Against Your Home Thermostat - Wildgrid Home


Poorly insulated windows can drastically change your home’s temperature, by letting heat escape during the winter and letting heat in during the summer. This makes your home uncomfortable, but most importantly can wreak havoc on your utility bill and HVAC system.

To help fight against this you can upgrade your windows, seal the gaps and cracks, or redecorate with thermal curtains.

These solutions can help you win the battle so you can continue you on your quest to home efficiency! ⚡️

Why Window Insulation is Key: Winning the Battle Against Your Home Thermostat - Wildgrid Home

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