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What is an ESCO and how does it work?

Maybe you’ve heard of Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) or ESCO scams. Maybe you’ve even been approached by one! Here’s what you need to know.
By Dora Nguyen ·
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Why Was I Rejected From A Community Solar Farm?

It's nothing personal, we promise! You were excited to go solar, matched with a community solar farm... and then, were rejected. Why couldn't you sign up? Here are a few reasons why this may have happened: 1. The solar farm filled up too quickly! Someone else beat you to the last open spot. 2. Your electricity usage was higher than the amount of space they had left on the farm. Don't worry, we've got more matches for ya. Log back into Wildgrid and subscribe to another available farm. H
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How Can Apartment Renters Go Solar?

Renting an apartment can make solar feel out of reach, but what if we told you solar for renters was possible - with or without a renewable-friendly landlord? (Really!) Let's talk about the ways that apartment renters can go solar. Option #1: Convince your landlord Sure, it may seem like an impossible task, but apartment renters can go (and have gone!) solar by convincing their landlords to adopt solar! As we explained in our How to go solar, 5 ways post, both residential and commercial sola
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I Couldn't Get Rooftop Solar. Is Community Solar the Answer? - Wildgrid Home

I Couldn't Get Rooftop Solar. Is Community Solar the Answer?

Rooftop solar not for you? Community solar is a way to support local clean energy sources without buying expensive solar panels for your roof.
By Polly Barks ·
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Are Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) A Scam?

A quick search for ESCOs will reveal hundreds of articles raising the alarm over ESCOs and ESCO scams 🚨🚨🚨 But is it actually the case that all ESCOs are scams? No. Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) like Green Mountain Energy are not scams. Yes, they are those people at farmer's markets. And yes, like any relatively unknown business, they can sometimes turn out to be scams. The way ESCOs work is confusing! So it's easy to misunderstand what they are actually doing. What is an ESCO? An ESCO
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